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HKTDC 2019 can not be missed at this exhibition in April. USSE silicone teether looking forward to your arrival!

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HKTDC 2019 can not be missed at this exhibition in April. USSE silicone teether looking forward to your arrival!

The Hong Kong Gift and Premium Exhibition 2019 will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on April 27 and 30, 2019. The Hong Kong Gift Exhibition attracts exhibitors from Latvia and Luxembourg, as well as 4136 exhibitors from more than 35 countries and regions around the world. USSE Silicone teether has the honor to participate in this Hong Kong Gift and Premium Exhibition. During the exhibition, the Hong Kong Export Chamber of Commerce organised various business services and creative activities to showcase local creativity and design to the world's buyers.

Gift exhibition features:

Excellent Gallery, so that a number of outstanding brands in a unique atmosphere to show the latest exquisite gift design and extraordinary series.

Excellent products are gathered in the district, which gathers international high-quality products of various styles. Buyers can find more brand-new ideas and fashion products, as well as some popular best-selling gifts.

High-end gifts, the zone for high-end fashion gift market, exhibits including silver, jewelry gifts, porcelain, pens and cigar boxes.

The High Smart Phone/Tablet Computer Accessories and Technology Gift Zone is specially designed for smart phones, tablets and other electronic products, equipment and accessories. It is full of innovative ideas.

Green Gift Zone is in line with the trend of increasing demand for environmental protection products. Consumers are increasingly fond of buying gifts with green elements to support environmental protection and sustainable development in the future.

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The Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair is one of the largest gift exhibitions in the world. It displays a wide range of gifts and gifts, including small furnishings and decorations, outdoor and tourism products, home decorations, etc. The scale of the last exhibition was the highest in all previous sessions, bringing together more than 4,360 exhibitors from 35 international and regional exhibitors, attracting more than 48,000 buyers from 138 countries and regions to visit and purchase.

The Hong Kong Gift and Premium Exhibition, sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, will be held at the Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, on April 27 and 30. The exhibition is the largest gift exhibition in the world, with more than 4300 enterprises from 35 countries and regions participating. At the same time, electronic products exhibition, international printing and packaging exhibition and camping and outdoor goods area were held. There were many kinds of exhibitions.

USSE Silicone teether Booth No. 5B-C25

Annual session: 34th session

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Wanchai Expo Avenue, Hong Kong (Port Avenue Entrance)

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