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Is USSE high temperature silicone dishwashing gloves toxic?

Publish Date: 2019-05-07 Click: 824
Is USSE high temperature silicone dishwashing gloves toxic?

The beauty of the heart, everyone has it, not to mention women, I believe that many women want to have a pair of "ten fingers like a fine bamboo shoots, the hand is slim and jade", especially as a housewife, often wash dishes Exposure to oil stains and detergents containing chemical irritants often causes the skin of your hands to become rough and chapped. It is highly recommended to wear a pair of eco-friendly soft silicone wash dishes when washing dishes. Some people may ask: Is the high temperature resistant silicone dishwashing glove poisonous?

silicone dishwashing glove

 At present, silicone gloves are more popular, plastics and rubber have certain harm to the opponent, and some are also toxic, so silica gel has become a good choice, soft and odorless, food grade silicone material, more assured, multi-functional Gloves, can be used in the kitchen, you can also wipe the floor, wash the toilet, and there is no problem in the microwave.

 Dishwashing gloves are basically used regularly, so choose some non-stick fingers, hand-applied, light-duty dishwashing gloves are more practical, more convenient to wear and take off. High-quality dishwashing gloves can be repeatedly cleaned, repeatedly dried and not shed, no dandruff, no odor, safer and more durable. Ordinary dishwashing gloves are generally sticky, easy to fall off after washing, no sticking, clumsy operation, inconvenient to wear, and some with rubber odor.

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