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What are the situations in which bottles pacifier need to be replaced?

Publish Date: 2019-07-03 Click: 588
What are the situations in which bottles pacifier need to be replaced?

What are the situations in which bottles and pacifiers need to be replaced? Baby bottles are usually made of hard materials, not as wearable as nipples. Usually, baby bottles must be replaced only in the following two situations:

1. How to wash the inner of the bottle is not clean, there are always white residues;

2. The baby may be scratched by such bottles if there are cracks. It's even more dangerous if you use glass bottles.

Generally speaking, if the bottle is used reasonably, the probability of the above two situations is very small, especially the glass bottle. If it is used properly, there is no need to replace it at all. If the plastic bottle is used properly, mothers can check it every four months or so. If the above situation exists, it should be replaced in time.

baby pacifier

Mothers need to check their baby's pacifiers regularly, at least every two to three months, to see if there are any breaks or cracks as follows:

1. Breast milk or formula pours out of the nipple. Normally, milk should drip out slowly from the nipple. If it flows very fast, it means that the nipple hole is too big and should be replaced.

2. Pacifier discoloration, which may indicate that the pacifier aging.

3. The nipple becomes thinner, which indicates that the nipple is beginning to be weak. The way to check the strength of the nipple is to pull the nipple hard. A good nipple should bounce back to its original state. If it doesn't bounce back, it shouldn't be used again.

4. Pacifier stickiness or expansion, which may also be caused by pacifier aging.

5. Pacifiers are cracked and damaged. In case of debris falling, it may suffocate the baby.