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What are the difference between baby mouth towel and baby bib?

Publish Date: 2019-07-10 Click: 628
What are the difference between baby mouth towel and baby bib?

Baby saliva, in addition to the use of mouth towel care, there is also a kind of baby bib can also play a role in preventing saliva soaking clothes. Once the saliva flow into the clothes is not easy to clean, long-term clothes will easily lead to hard and dirty clothes, affecting the baby's skin. So baby with drooling can use mouth towel or scarf to help. What is the difference between mouth towel and baby bib?

baby bib

Mouth towel, also known as meal pocket, baby pocket and baby neck, is a baby care product made of waterproof material. It is used for cleaning under the chest and jaw, similar to children's mouth pocket or bib. There are three layers of functional design, quick penetration silk thin soft cotton surface, strong lock water cotton core, breathable and refreshing bottom film, super permeability, medical sterilization treatment. Careful care for the baby's health, off-paper intermittent back glue design, in line with ergonomic principles, easy to use, dirty clothes, no traces; the baby bib is children's cloth around the chest, often tied around the neck to keep clothes clean, because the baby's saliva secretion increased and the mouth is shallow, coupled with lip closure and swallowing action also. Babies can't swallow saliva in time because of incongruity, so they will have a lot of saliva. Wearing a bib for your baby can reduce the number of times you change clothes and only make your baby feel comfortable.