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Can baby use a silicone feeding bottle?

Publish Date: 2019-10-10 Click: 287
Can baby use a silicone feeding bottle?

Can a baby use a silicone feeding bottle? Can a baby use a silicone bottle just after birth?

Can babies use silicone bottles? Is it okay to use a silicone bottle for newborn babies? When the baby grows up to 6 months, the mother will add supplementary food or milk to the baby to meet the nutritional requirements of the baby's body growth, and breast milk for 6 months is basically no nutrition, at this time the mother should wean the baby. Drinking milk requires the selection of safe and healthy milk bottles.

silicone feeding bottle

After weaning, infants can not do without the accompaniment of bottles. Babies'bottles are generally made of glass, plastic and silica gel. Although the use of glass is better for infants' bodies, glass bottles are easy to break, while plastic bottles are not very good for infants'bodies. Therefore, it is better to choose silicone feeding bottles, which are not easy to break and durable. The material is medical silica gel, but not for human body. Harmful, safe performance, mother can choose silicone bottle for baby.