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Epson (China) Co., LTD, company profile

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Epson (China) Co., LTD, company profile
Epson (China) Co., LTD was founded in 1998, headquartered in Beijing, being responsible for epson's investment and business development in China. In May 2004, epson (China) Co., LTD, authorized by the ministry for becoming China's first "regional headquarters" qualified a wholly foreign owned enterprise. In fiscal 2006, sales of epson in China for 11.737 billion yuan. At present, in China investment has already accumulated epson more than RMB 7.1 billion, a total of 20 manufacturing, logistics, marketing and research and development institutions, the staff 34920 people. Whatever investment or into exports to wait, all is the foreign-funded enterprises in China in the market.

Epson working in China, the main business of printers, scanners, overhead projector, input/output information products, electronic components and system equipment. Its products in the Chinese market excellent performance, China won the love of consumers. Based on the Chinese market, epson insists on the principle of "challenges and innovative" ideas, will continue to put a series of advanced technology and application solutions into China, so that China's consumer can synchronize with the world and enjoy the advanced digital imaging technology has brought about the perfect experience.
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